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Located in České Budějovice in the south of the Czech Republic, some two hours away from Prague, our centre makes perfect use of the great blend of life-pleasing factors the city has to offer - the benefits of staying in the regional capital with its cultural, educational, sports and business life combined with zero pollution and a great many of opportunities for outdoor activities, be it cycling or in-line skating on numerous trails, canoeing on the Vltava river, skiing in Lipno or in one of the Austrian resorts some two hours away, or simply easy weekend walks to the country. 

The setting of the city makes it easy for anyone to jump on a bicycle and run away from the hectic office life to the wide open in minutes. One can then make it to one of the two UNESCO patronaged sights - the famous town of Český Krumlov and the village of Holašovice. The weary may visit the famous spa resort in Třebon or just relax on the banks of one of the many lakes.


What to expect from the city

University city with a pulsing student life
Regional capital - a hub for education, culture, sports and business
No industry and no pollution
Great place for the active - sports life, opportunities for outdoor activities
Proximity to famous sights
Near big cities - Prague 150 km, Linz (AT) 90 km, Vienna (AT) 220 km
Czech and Austrian ski resorts nearby
Numerous pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants



So, you're working hard on your CELTA, studying, teaching, observing, writing assignments 12 hours a day. You deserve some rest. České Budějovice simply is the ideal place - want to spend the night in a pulsing bar or rather take a stroll in the green? It's all here. 

The Malse banks and Dominican monastery near Evropske centrum jazykovych zkousekIt literally takes minutes to walk into one of the largest city parks in the country, the Stromovka, where you can spend a calm afternoon with a notepad and a teaching handbook. Or would you prefer to jump on a bicycle and run away into the wild? Just rent one and take one of the numerous cycling trails. And, should you find the study life way too boring, make your way in one of the best dance clubs the country has to offer.


All in all, it's all there, and we'll tell you where. 


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