Path to achievement

So, you have decided to enter the thoroughly captivating and enthralling world of teaching English as a second language, but you are wondering what your next steps are and where this career can take you.

Firstly, like with any professional career, you have possibilities open to you for whichever path you decide to take after you have passed your Cambridge CELTA qualification here in Ceske Budejovice.  These include:

  • Teacher of English
  • Director of studies
  • Assistant Director of studies
  • Education management
  • Teacher Trainer

As CELTA is an initial teacher training qualification you will need to build up some experience as an excellent teacher in order to progress to the next level.  Noramlly 2/3 years teaching experience of multiple levels including young learners and adults from Starter to Advanced, Business English and Exam preparation will enable you to undertake the next level qualification from Cambridge - the Cambridge Delta.  


This course is the number one selection for teachers who wish to go on to become teacher trainers and Director of studies of private language schools.  Like the CELTA it has a practical element with background theory but at a higher level.  


The Delta can give you credits towards MA programs which is an excellent choice if you desire to have a more in-depth theoritical understanding of teaching and language learning.  After completing your MA, it is then possible for you to move on to lecturering at universities and higher education colleges worldwide.


It is possible to go from CELTA to MA in 5 years and become a recognised specilised in the field of English langauge teaching.  Many teachers, however, fall in love with the grass roots of teaching and stay at that level for many years, experiencing the thrill that comes from seeing first hand language learning taking place.